2021 Honda Civic
2021 Honda Civic
2021 Honda Civic
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Top of Its Class

Year after year, efficiency and reliability have made the one of the most popular cars in Honda's lineup. With each new model, it delivers safety, performance, quality, and comfort, all underscored by efficient gas mileage. Honda has steadily enhanced the Civic's technology to remain on the cutting edge of safety and driver convenience, and their work has garnered the loyalty of generations of American motorists.

No matter what your budget looks like, the Honda Civic offers its extraordinary value at an unexpectedly humble price point, and its exceptional fuel efficiency promises further relief with every fill-up. If you're thinking about driving through Saint Louis in a new vehicle, it's hard to deny the value and quality of the Honda Civic. We invite you to come by our to see this celebrated compact for yourself.


What's New in the 2021 Honda Civic?

The Honda Civic is an iconic compact car that has only gained ground over its decades on the market. For 2021, the performance-tuned Civic Type R gains a new rear spoiler and a larger and bolder front grille. It also has a new variation in the mix: the Type R Limited Edition. This model features lighter-weight construction, forged aluminum wheels, and recalibrated steering for even more driving excitement. Throughout the 2021 Civic trims - five in the sedan body style and four in the hatchback - you'll find an impressive array of tech-savvy features and comfort and convenience amenities. The 2021 Civic also boasts a lineup of peppy, fuel-efficient engines and engaging driving dynamics, making it one of the most well-rounded compact cars you can buy.

History of the Civic

Honda had already made a name for itself with its line of motorcycles by the time the Civic debuted in 1973. The car not only indicated Honda's successful introduction into the American automobile industry, it received a warm reception among U.S. drivers.

The Civic's unprecedented quality set new standards for its class, and as it evolved over the following years, Honda explored new ways to enhance their vehicle. With each new iteration, the Civic has continued to blaze new automotive trails, consistently featuring Honda's latest developments in engineering and technology.

The Civic Is Here at Honda of Frontenac

Here at Honda of Frontenac, we know that buying a new vehicle is a major decision, and we want to make that process easy and stress-free. Our experienced automotive team is standing by to listen to your questions and concerns, and we'll do everything possible to help identify the right Honda for you.

We have a vast inventory of new and used vehicles, and you can always browse our online. When you find a vehicle you love, we invite you to come to our lot for a test drive. When you get here, remember to ask about our options.