A tire blowout can leave you stranded on the road. Even worse, the blowout could cause you to lose control of your vehicle. A severe crash could result before you bring the car back under control. Hopefully, you possess the necessary defensive driving skills to deal with tire blowouts and other hazardous situations. If blowouts concern you, then it is wise to cut down the chances.

Sometimes, a blowout is unavoidable. Even the best tire could explode and lose pressure if it hit an object on the road. Blowouts, however, are not entirely left to fate.If you see cracks, blisters, and other problems, get the tires checked out.

And check the tire pressure levels. Find out what psi your tires require. Too much or too little air increases the chances of a blowout. Remember, the roads in Saint Louis can be harsh even to perfect tires.

Get your tires inspected at Honda of Frontenac. Our service team awaits your call.


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