Tips for Protecting Your Vehicle from Salt Corrosion

Chances are good you invested a lot in your new vehicle, and protecting that investment is key to retaining its value. The crew at Honda of Frontenac wanted to share information protecting your vehicle from damage at the hands of road salt this winter.

Bringing your vehicle to the car wash once a week will go a long way in protecting that investment. High=pressure water is used to wash away the salt and help minimize paint damage, mechanical troubles, and corrosion and rust buildup. Even without snow on the ground, salt is used for ice, so it accumulates on your vehicle very easily throughout the season.

Try to avoid driving into deep snow because salt and snow get packed in the undercarriage and increase the chance of corrosion and rust buildup. The problem increases further when cold weather doesn't allow the snow to melt, so the salt stays in contact with the moving parts.



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