Share the Road, Saint Louis!

In today's post, we at Honda of Frontenac wish to kindly remind you to share the road. Please read our tips for drivers and bicyclists.

As a driver, you must not assume that you own the road. Treat bikes as though they are motor vehicles. Cyclists are entitled to a lane's full width. Do not cruise with your vehicle beside a cyclist. You can only pass them when doing so does not endanger motorists in other lanes. Remember that alertness is critical to all driving situations. Avoid choices that would distract or impair you while driving.

When riding a bicycle on roads, wear a helmet and highly visible clothing for your safety. Always obey traffic laws. Disobeying them can lead to traffic infractions and penalties. Never bounce between lanes, and never pass stopped traffic in the same lane. Only ride with traffic's flow, and use hand signals when stopping, turning or changing lanes.



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