Simple Instructions for Safely Fixing a Flat Tire

The conditions of today's roadways almost guarantees that you'll eventually pick up a nail or other debris that causes a flat tire. You can save time and money by learning how to safely fix a flat tire yourself rather than calling a tow truck or automobile repair service.

Our service technicians at Honda of Frontenac in Saint Louis recommend the following do-it-yourself steps for safely getting back on the road after a flat. Park on a paved flat surface and apply the parking brake. Remove the jack, spare tire and other tools from your trunk. Secure the jack and elevate the car at least 6 inches before removing the lug nuts and flat tire. Put on the spare tire, tightly adjusting the lug nuts. Lower your vehicle to the ground, put the flat, jack and tools back in your trunk, and head to our service department to see if your tire is repairable.



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