Learn the Right Way How to Test Your Car's Battery

If you suspect trouble with your car battery, here is a simple guide for using a voltmeter to test its remaining power.
  • Before you can use the voltmeter, it is important the car is not running, and the car lights have been turned off.
  • If you see any white corrosion on the terminals of the battery, use a wire brush or terminal cleaner to remove it.
  • The voltmeter has two wire connects. Place the red (positive), on the positive of the battery. Place the black (negative), on the negative side of the battery.
  • Turn the meter on, a reading that is at or above 12.4 is fine. If the reading is at 12.2 or under, the battery may no longer have enough cranking power or the ability to hold a charge and needs to be replaced.
You can always bring your car to Honda of Frontenac and we can test the battery for you.  
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