Auto Guide: What are Brake Pads?

Have you ever been driving along and heard your brakes? Well, that's not supposed to happen. If you are hearing a squeaking or screeching sound when you brake, it's probably because your brake pads are wearing down or have completely disappeared. It's important to get your brakes checked. Disc brake systems use brake pads to apply pressure to the rotors, so that the vehicle comes to a stop.

When the brake pads start to wear down, you might hear squealing or screeching. This means that the brake pads have experienced wear and tear. The next step is to replace the brake pads so that your car can brake efficiently. Eventually, without brake pads, your car may not brake promptly enough, causing a car accident.

Checking your brakes is important so that you keep your car safe and make sure that other drivers are safe on the roads as well. You can check your brake pads at the service department at Honda of Frontenac.



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