Why You Should Own An SUV

Lately we are in an SUV boom- everybody wants to drive one! Even with the unpredictability of gas prices, people love all the perks of an SUV. Here we discuss several reasons to purchase an SUV.

Simply put, you can do so much more with an SUV versus a smaller vehicle. For one, it will fit more people- perfect for larger families. They also have more space, allowing you to carry more, as most SUVs have a large trunk and second or third row seats that lay flat. Need to go off-roading? You have that option too. Most are also built with towing capability. SUVs are also safer than smaller cars. And if you're worried about gas mileage, many now get 30 or more MPG.

Owning an SUV is a great option not only for families, but for everyone. Come test drive our many options at Honda of Frontenac today!




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