Great Road Trip Games

Road trips often become long and boring for younger passengers. When bored, the complaining, whining and fighting begins. Take the monotony out of road trips and help pass the time between stops by playing some games designed for road trips. “I spy” is a time-honored favorite that kids of all ages can play. With a pad of paper and a writing tool, older kids compete with each other while spotting license plates.

The alphabet game gets young minds thinking. The game involves going through the alphabet by creating a sentence using a name, place and thing starting with the same letter. For example, my name is Ann. I live in Annapolis and I grow apples. Today's mobile technology also enables youngsters to watch movies, play video games or listen to the music of their choosing. However, before the big day arrives when you plan to embark on your journey, schedule a vehicle inspection at Honda of Frontenac.



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