Get Your Car Ready For Your Busy Fall

The fall season is full of changes. It's back-to-school time, and that can be busy for parents, teachers and students heading back to college. That means it's also a time full of heavy use of your car, and you know how important it is to have a reliable vehicle for the season. By taking care of your car, you can be sure to enjoy a great, busy autumn.

Make sure your car is stocked up with all the essentials you'll need in any occasion: have a spare tire on board, pack a flashlight, carry an ice scraper and store some antifreeze or washer fluid. Also, take your car in for routine maintenance. Change the oil and rotate the tires before your fall schedule becomes overwhelming.

Include your car in your preparations for the back-to-school season. Visit our trained service department at Honda of Frontenac for a professional fall tune-up for your car.



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