Schedule Your Engine Cooling & Radiator System Check Today

The cooling system in your vehicle is a mix of several moving parts that all must work perfectly together to keep parts from getting damaged and the engine overheating. These are only a few of those parts that will be checked and maintained.

The belts power the fan and the water pump. If the belts are damaged or loose, then these parts cannot operate effectively and the moving parts don't get cooled adequately.

The radiator hoses have to be able to move the coolant from the radiator to the engine block. If the hoses are damaged or the clamps failing, coolant is escaping this system and leaving many of those moving parts exposed.

A mechanic will also check the radiator, fan, water pump, and thermostat, when they perform the cooling system maintenance check-up on your vehicle.

Don't put off calling Honda of Frontenac to schedule your cooling system maintenance check today!
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