Honda Looking Forward: Helping Our Environment With Recyclable Cars

Modern car shoppers are more discerning than they used to be, and in different ways. Questions about the effects a car has on the environment can, for some drivers, be even more important than questions about power, fuel economy, and comfort.

Luckily for drivers everywhere, Honda has made it a longstanding mission to build and sell cars with as small an ecological footprint as possible. One of the ways it's doing this? By ensuring its cars are built primarily with reclaimable materials. In fact, as of 2004, 90 percent of the materials going into all Honda cars have been recyclable.

Honda is likewise working to reduce its use of PVCs, VOCs, and other chemicals that can be harmful to the environment. It established the Honda Chemical Substances Management Standard; a set of rules designed to help root out bad chemicals at Honda facilities around the world, and replace them with friendlier alternatives.

Honda understands the importance of protecting our environment. It also understands that you can still produce a great car while you do it. To learn all about the great cars Honda currently has on the market right now, stop into Honda of Frontenac in St. Louis, MO. Our staff would love to introduce you to our inventory of new Honda cars.

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