Two Simple Tire Safety Check

When it comes to the safety of your vehicle you likely take your tires for granted as many of us do. Tires play a vital role to your vehicle and effect much more than meets the eye. Maintaining good tires can keep your fuel economy from hurting, increase control, and deliver a more comfortable ride. To make sure your tires are working well make a habit of doing these two checks regularly.

Tire pressure check; by keeping your vehicle's tires properly pressurized you reduce the risk of punctures and uneven tread wear. When you check your tire pressure it is important to do so before your first trip of the day, this is because as you drive your tires heat up and the air inside them expands. If you measure your tire pressure after you've been driving you can be tricked into thinking that your tires are full.

The penny test is a way of checking the tread depth of your tires. You take a penny and flip it so that Lincoln's head is upside down, then place the penny in the tire tread to measure the depth. If the top of Lincoln's head is showing, then you will want to consider new tires. Having good tread depth is important to mitigate the risk of driving in adverse weather conditions.

If you do the penny test and see the top of the president's head, you should give our Service Center a call to schedule an inspection.

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