Vehicle Warning Lights: An Overview

Interested in what a dashboard warning light in your vehicle means? Visit us at Honda of Frontenac for professional troubleshooting and diagnostics. Some examples include:

  • Engine Malfunctioning Indicator: Indicates that an engine's computer has detected some fault in the engine's components
  • Transmission Temperature Indicator: It indicates that the transmission oil is hotter over the allowable limit. The car transmission system is operating at high temperatures
  • Transmission Fluid and Engine Coolant level: If levels ok, visit our team for service work where needed
  • Oil Pressure Indicator Light: immediately check for oil level and pressure
  • Brake System Indicator: When it goes off, immediately check for the brake fluid level after fully releasing the parking brake. If ABS is the problem, visit us for professional assistance
  • Battery Charging Indicator: Shows low battery voltage, an indication of a problem with the car's charging system. Check terminals, battery condition, and alternator belt

For any indicator that requires professional diagnosis, visit us for the help of our factory trained technicians here in our service center.

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