Why your Vehicle needs Seasonal Maintenance

If your car doesn't get the proper maintenance it needs, it will not perform as well and will ultimately have a shorter life. Aside from having a shorter life span, driving a car that is not maintained properly is dangerous. Not checking the state of your tires, the quality and amount of oil in your car, the brake fluid, and more can all lead to increased risk of accident on the road. To reduce the risk, schedule a service appointment with our service team at Honda of Frontenac.

If your tires aren't regularly checked, you may miss the fact that there is some dry rot on some of the tires. This will eventually cause one of your tires to explode, making you lose control of your vehicle. What if you don't replace brake fluid? Say goodbye to short stopping distances.

How do you fix this? Bring your car to Honda of Frontenac at the beginning of every season and we will make sure your car has no problems with it.

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